Monday Mixtape Update 03.15.10 :: I Want You Back

March 15th, 2010 · 6 Comments


Room in your heart for one of the best pop songs ever? Oh this idear just kinda came to me (plus a lot less work than writing up the awesome country mix I have in the werks). “I Want You Back” was the Jackson 5’s first single (the first of four J5 #1s in a row) and is a fucking insane slice of energetic bubblegum funk/pop — not to mention maybe the best pop single ever released. I dunno IMO whatevs. I realized recently I could probs listen to the song on a loop and not get too tired.

Apparently some other peeps thought the same; other Motown artists soon covered the song (Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and David Ruffin, included in this mix), and deep funksters (CCS), hipster journeymen (Van Dyke Parks and his cohorts in the Esso Trinidad Steel Band), snotty Brit-punks (Graham Parker), and even modern indie dudes (Discovery and a recent live run-through by Of Montreal) have repurposed the song. Oh and not to mention plenty of tweeny poppers (Cleopatra, West End Girls). So yeah, dig this FUN MIX GUYS!!!!

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No mix this week … and other news

February 23rd, 2010 · 4 Comments


Yeah yeah. Another week without a mix. It’s rough stuff, and I’m busy. I’ve got a great one coming up next week. Promises. In other news, if you haven’t heard friends, if you’re in the Columbia, Missouri area this weekend and would like to see some good ol’ fashioned sloppy guitar pop, my old band the Missouri Sex Offenders is reuniting. I may have mentioned us on this site once or twice. Get in touch with me for more deetz. Above is a poster I made. Read on for more of them. Hugz.

Missouri Sex Offenders on MySpace

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Marble Madness!

February 23rd, 2010 · 2 Comments

Level 1:

Level 1

Level 2:

Level 2

Level 3:

Level 3

Level 4:

Level 4

Level 5:

Level 5

Level 6:

Level 6

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Monday Mixtape Update 02.08.10 :: Odd Pop 9: An Epic

February 8th, 2010 · 7 Comments


I tried so hard. So hard to cut the fat. But I could not! It’s chock full o’ jams! This week’s mix, the ninth installment in my Odd Pop series of tunes from pop’s hinterlands, brings the ruckus. There’s 38 tracks and dos horas de musica espectacular! Did I go trudging through the lesser solo albums of former Zombies members and ABBA Benny lead songs and ELO album tracks for this? BUT OF COURSE! We’ve also got reggae hard rock post-punk baroque pop prog newwave BruceSpringsteen so stick around!

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Monday Mixtape Update 02.01.10 :: Places

February 1st, 2010 · 9 Comments


Was a time I oft fantasied of traveling to far away places and learning the ways and customs of exotic peoples. Like most youthful fantasies, this desire was at some point replaced with the ever more pressing urge to just make it through the goddamn day. But I can still travel to these magical places! Yes yes, with the help of music (and crippler hits)! I’ve assembled this week a mix of songs about places. Always a rich topic for a songwriter to explore; whether they’re getting the cuss out of Dodge or partyin’ it up in the streets. Sail away — in your mind!

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Top 5: Movies About Con Artists

January 21st, 2010 · 4 Comments



Well it’s been a while. You’d have to travel all the way back to the halcyon days of December 8, 2008, to find my last top 5 list (hey, at least I left you with a good one). But the kid IS BACK! And now, on with the show.

The short con. The long con. The grift. The hustle. The fix. Dirty pool. The sliding sausage. “Ladyfingers”. Call it what you will, but it’s a rough racket and only the cleverest survive. And watching clever, extraordinary folks is one of my big loves on that ol’ big screen. I recently watched a couple fantastic con artist flicks that I had somehow avoided and realized that a lot of my favorite films revolved around the subject. For the list, I narrowed it strictly to films about confidence men and using personality and persuasion rather than force and/or technological know-how (read: heist films). Strictly the con. Sure, my picks aren’t that out of the box — but I stand by this list more than any of those Tops of the Decade lists from a few weeks ago. What do you think; what are your faves?

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Monday Mixtape Update 01.18.10 :: MLK Day Mix

January 19th, 2010 · 6 Comments


So today, celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by waking up at 1pm slightly dazed from a late night of Trader Joe’s baked beans and Arrested Development, I got an instant WTF feeling. As in “WTF I haven’t posted a soul mix in like six months!*” Yeah, here it is, the second MLK Day with our first Black President in office, big occasion still (lay off Obama, he’s working the big angle, nothing’s gonna be fixed overnight. That’s directed straight at liberals; ya’ll conservatives are on some different type shit, right). So there’s stuff here I’ve been dying to hit you up with, loyal readers: Smokey deep cuts, more Ruffin Brothers hits, Ray Parker Jr., BEE GEES.

Oh BTW is it condescending/offensive to celebrate MLK Day with a soul mix? I mean, for all I know, dude might’ve listened to the Clancy Brothers

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Monday Mixtape Update 01.04.10 :: WHAMGLAM!

January 4th, 2010 · 7 Comments


Wham glam thank you Sam! I haven’t made a glam mix yet? Yowza! Oh hey, and also welcome to Persona Don Dada 2010. There’s going to be some changes around here, as in more bloggings than last year, so reset your bookmarks! Do people still use bookmarks?

Anyways it’s a glamorous mix on the days after New Year’s when I’m feeling a little less than glamorous (ugh puke). Has the velvet goldmine o’ glam already been strafed ‘n’ stripped? Well, I ain’t lookin’ to put up an obscurities mix — this is all some of my own personal faves from the (mostly) heavy hitters.

Who was the first rock dude to wear makeup? Was it Marc Bolan? Roy Wood? Naw, no way, it was Little Richard! And that ties in with some of the vague musical attributes glam rock has (if it has any): a penchant for old-timey rock ‘n’ roll (Wizzard, New York Dolls, Suzi Quatro) arranged oftentimes with boogie-woogie pianos (Mott the Hoople), doo-wop backups (Soho Jets) and honkin’ saxo-maphones (Roxy Music, Dump). Update previous with huge power chords and leads (Alice Cooper, Sweet, Slade) and an operatic pop sophistication (ABBA, David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra) and you’re kinda getting legs. It also occurred from approximately 1970-1976 predominantly in the UK with some major exceptions (Alice Cooper, the Dolls, Kiss). Like most catch-all rock styles that are specific to a certain period and superficial style, glam has been used to describe bands that have very little to do with one another — so allow me to indulge ABBA, Genesis and the Runaways on the same mix. Turn it up loud and annoy your parents!

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Special Mixtape 12.30.09 :: The Top Singles of the Decade

December 30th, 2009 · 3 Comments


That’s right folks, I’m giving you an extra special treat to pump as you slip into the new decade’s cold, cold embrace: A sweet podcast of all 50 of my top 50 singles of the decade culled from the list I posted Monday. Relive decade half-remembered in MP3 form! I’ve split the 50 songs into four chunks across my various 8tracks accounts. Remember the good times!

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